The aggregates, from a geological point of view, are debris, loose or cemented, a result of the decay and disintegration of rock masses, and are characterized by their clastic texture, the shape and arrangement of the particles within the aggregate.
Aggregates may be natural, artificial or recycled from materials previously used in construction and include: sand, gravel, expanded clay, vermiculite and perlite.

In the construction industry, aggregates are used as components of composite materials, such as concrete and asphalt.

They are classified according to the size of their particles:


Sabbia 0/30

Sand 0/2

Sabbia vagliata

Sifted Sand 0/4

Sabbia 0/10

Sand 0/10

Ghiaietto 10/20

Fine gravel 10/20

Ghiaia 20/30

Gravel 20/30

Ghiaione 30/150

Coarse gravel 30/150

Ciottoli 150/300

Pebble 150/300


Sabbia frantumata 0/3

Crushed sand 0/3

Sabbia frantumata 0/6

Crushed sand 0/6

Pietrisco 3/6

Stone Chippings 3/6

Pietrisco 6/12

Stone Chippings 6/12

Pietrisco 12/25

Stone Chippings 12/25

Pietrisco 25/40

Stone Chippings 25/40

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